About HD Funding

About Us

Welcome to HD Funding, “Where Money Grows”!  Our website is the only place you can consistently buy money below its face value.  Most listed items will be U.S. currency. Your objective is to make a profit each time you win the deal.  To participate, buy a bid package and start bidding!  If you are a beginner, feel free to observe a few auctions before getting in on the fun. And remember, the goal is for you to purchase each item below its actual value.

Each auction functions the same way and we never list the same item twice.  When a bid is placed, the duration of the auction is extended by 30 seconds in order to give other participants the opportunity to bid on the item as well.  We consider this a soft close, just as when you hear… “Going once, going twice, sold!” at a live auction.  If you are the final bidder, you win the deal!


Where did I get the idea?

I have participated in a lot of auctions while pursuing my passions which include coins, precious metals, and rare paper currency.  Then COVID-19 shut the country down.  Prices rose and way too many jobs were lost.  I was fortunate enough to keep my job, but I felt terrible about the effects of the pandemic on so many others around me.  I stayed up late every night thinking about how I could help people improve their financial situations.  I wrestled with this dilemma for weeks on end until it finally hit me.  One night, I was participating in an auction for a series of thirteen $1.00 bills and the description read, “Uncirculated, Related Serial Number”.  I normally wouldn’t even try to win an item like this because I don’t personally think the 1969 $1.00 bill is a rare item, but no one had bid on it yet. I started the bidding at $1.00 because, well, why not?  I waited awhile and eventually another bid was placed, raising the item’s price to $2.00.  I immediately thought, “No, not today!”  So I bid again, setting my highest bid to $10.00.  This way, if anyone else placed a small incremental bid, the site would tell them they had been outbid.  (This is a great strategy, by the way, and can be really discouraging to your competitors.  I use it all the time.)  Anyway, to make a long story short, I ended up purchasing those thirteen $1.00 bills for $8.00.  And I felt great!  No, seriously.  I really did.  I told everyone that I hold dear the story of how I purchased $13.00 for $8.00 that night.  And one day I looked at my Love and said, “I wish there were a way to create an environment where everyone had the opportunity to purchase money below its face value.”  And HD Funding was born.


Where do we go from here?

The sky’s the limit as far as we’re concerned.  But why limit things to our imaginations?  We’d love for you to join us and help write the rest of the story!